Elsevier New Book Releases Plenty to Immerse Oneself In!

21 Dec
Elsevier, the leading publisher of medical, scientific and technical books, sustains itself by simply doing what it does best – keep bringing out new books. Announcing Elsevier new book releases is a trend that the scores of its readers are now so accustomed to that nobody even thinks that anything out of the ordinary is happening. It is that regular with Elsevier.


New book releases are akin to the lifeblood of Elsevier and it offers them to the ever eager and extremely valuable audience ample quantity of them in a financial year. And the Elsevier new book releases manages to lure in a broad strata of different kinds of readership as the fresh infuse of titles are found to be touching a wide variety of subjects, and sub-subjects.

While medical books are a major area of its core publishing, new books on the various Sciences and technical subjects are not far behind either. Besides the science books including the medical texts, with Elsevier you can also expect books on other subjects like Economics, etc.

Besides books, this leading book publisher also provide the highly deserving customers comprising of the student community, medical personnel, scientists, researchers and even those who have served their lifetime and in a position to actually contribute by writing in their specific area/s of specialization.

The year 2012 that is nearing a happy end itself saw this top notch publisher cater to the needs for various books on umpteen topics on a pretty regular basis. So much so that, there hardly seems any one single area where, one does not come across one or the other Elsevier new book published this year itself.

Elsevier makes sure that all its new book releases are announced as widely as possible. This lets the intended audience aware of the fact that they are in for a treat in the form of one or the other Elsevier new book release.

A Comprehensive Guide to Toxicology in Preclinical Drug Development by Faqi, A Clinical Handbook on Child Pediatrics, A Nurse’s Survival Guide to Leadership and Management on the Ward by Thomas, A Survival Guide to Children’s Nursing by Edwards, 250 Cases in Clinical Medicine by Baliga, A Clinical Guide to Applied Dental Materials by Bonsor, Accident and Emergency Radiology : A Survival Guide by Advances in Food and Nutrition Research by Taylor, Advances in Genetics by Freidmann, Advances in Geophysics by Sato, Advances in Heat Transfer by Sparrow, Advances in Informatics and Security Informatics by Mao, Advances in Marine Biology, Advances in Photovoltaics, Advances in Quantum Chemistry, etc are some of the few Elsevier new book releases that took places 2012.


Medical Books Multi Volumes, References, Desk Books and What Not!

8 Dec

No science can progress without the presence of books aiding those – students, faculty, researchers, etc. – and medical science is no exception to this universal norm. There are numerous medical books that are there to simply guide, assist and clarify both the fundamental concepts as well as the more complex ones.


The one salient feature of all medical books without exception is that the running text in them is liberally interspersed with numerous diagrams, images, and other visual content all illustrating the concepts explained within the body nicely and in a very user-friendly and crystal clear manner.


There are medical books addressing the needs of each and every branch of medical science that is known to mankind. Medical books are present for you in the form of textbooks, reference volumes, laboratory manuals, handbooks, work books, etc.


Right from the undergraduate level to the post graduate and higher education levels and above, medical books are required at each and every level and there are books, volumes and journals catering to all these individual reader segments.


Elsevier, the leading publisher of medical, scientific and technical books and journals have on offer such a veritable treasure of so many books that our esteemed readers need not look elsewhere at all for their need for medical books of all kinds or any kind for that matter.


There are simply far too many branches and sub branches of medical science that it is really very difficult to mention them all here.  Suffice it to say that the house of Elsevier has medical books for all the various branches and sub-branches of the broad subject of medical sciences.


There are multi volumes, desk books, and major reference works from this leading publisher. Besides you do have a seemingly endless list of high quality journals on the various topics that are relevant here. These journals are peer reviewed and carry articles, features, and blogs covering every development, of yesterday or in the more recent past.


The medical books are all authored by the top most experts in the field whose very name is taken by the medical fraternity with utmost respect and awe.


From critical care, nursery, oncology, cardiology, dentistry, nutrition and dieting, gynaecology, orthospaedics, pediatrics, endocrinology, reflexology, acupuncture, etc. are only some of the important branches of medical science.

Elsevier Journals Too Good to be True!

1 Dec

There are no less than 2750 Elsevier journals that touch and cover within just about every topic, area, subject that human kind is aware of. Be it the life sciences, pure sciences, earth sciences, environment and ecology, medicine, mathematics and logic sciences, business management and accounting, decision sciences, computer and IT related subjects, there is an Elsevier journal that is reputed for its very high quality of content and presentation.


In other words, the various Elsevier journals form within them a veritable and rather limitless sources of knowledge on a host of subjects, There are journals published by the Elsevier publishing house not just on the science and technology subjects but also on important arts and humanities subjects, as well as business and management fields.


You do have established Elsevier journals on psychology, decision sciences, economics, organization and society, and several other such areas.


The one key distinction between books and journals is that while the former addresses a specific target group, the journals encompasses a slightly wider canvas and is also of a quality and level that is very high.


This feature is readily reflected in all the Elsevier journals without exception. The Elsevier journals irrespective of the subject area that they deal with are written by and reviewed and edited by the stalwarts in the respective fields. In fact, peer reviews are but a part and parcel of Elsevier journal production and publication


Now, let us take a general look at some of the specific subject areas as well as some of the more popular titles in the catalogue of Elsevier journals.


The titles include – Advances in Enzyme Regulation, Advances in Integrative Medicine, Advances in Anesthesia, Advances in Biological Regulation, Addictive Behaviors with Eating Behavior (Combined subscription), Advanced Powder Technology, Advanced Drug Delivery Review, Advanced Engineering Informatics, Actualities Pharmaceutiques, Actualites Pharmaceutiques Hospitalies, Advances in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Advances in Pediatrics, Advances in Life Course Research, Advances in Surgery, Advances in Space Research, Advances in Vascular Surgery, Advances in Water Resources, etc.


There are such hundreds of sub category areas where you do have your pick of Elsevier journals. If you are in need of the latest and authentic information in your area of field, then the chances are very bright indeed that you would find the same in one or the other Elsevier journal.

Dental Books: Say Goodnight To Your Search For It

13 Oct

Knowledge is never complete in itself.it always quests for more and more source to get updated, and hardly does its thirst gets quenched. Similarly all of us today wish to say goodnight to illiteracy and good morning to literacy by searching more and more and yet more.

Dental books as the name suggests is for the dental students, professors and researchers, which provides them with the list of relevant books on dentistry along with the free download links to access the material and find notes and past papers. They can also engage and benefit from the valuable discussion and help each other by sharing the knowledge amongst them.However, students, professors and practicing dentists can use these books to refer to any particular dental disease or to make good notes on related topics. I consider these not only good, but unique classics in their field (some are very old, some brand new). They are all written by successful practitioners, so there’s very little theory and lots of hands-on, how-to information.One can order them directly from Amazon by just clicking on the link or the book cover as it is all available online with the help of the online stores.

Online bookstores serve as a means to buy the updated stock of the latest editions of the Dental books that provide the trusted information on the various advancements made in this field. And internet makes the Dental books available at the best cheapest price. Online stores have an incredible books section, and such books can be easily ordered online and brought home with just a few clicks on the mouse. Few online stores give added advantage, making available, the used books that can be used for references or bought by those who cannot afford to buy new books that are usually priced very high, and thus it becomes cost effective for them. These online stores also have sales and discounts on the dental books, especially at the beginning of a semester. Students and professors have full advantage to take at that time. Not to forget, these medical books, when purchased in bulk from wholesale shops, can be relatively cheaper and so a good opportunity for the libraries all around.

Medical Books – The Size Remains the Same Big, but the Prices are being Controlled!

13 Oct
Medical education without exception is easily the most complex and also expensive in practically all nations without exception. And it is one area where, medical books account for a major part of the total expense incurred.
Poor medical students starting from the under graduate level to the post graduate and PhD and even during their medical career as a practicing medical professional are required to spend through their noses to get medical books, more and more of them.
Medical science is one broad area where, each specialty needs the student or professional to go through a minimum of three to four medical books.
The requirements per branch like say anatomy are — one each for the conceptual
framework, one for the clinical side of it and one as a supplement reference text.
Invariably, there is one or two more medical tome/s necessary as well.
Help is at hand in the form of free medical books section that are created in popular medical colleges that provide budding doctors, physicians, surgeons, lab technicians, field workers with all the medical books that they need for not charge at all.
The only condition laid is that the medical books are doled out on a returnable basis only. Once the medical course is over, the books need to be returned and preferably in a similar condition it was originally in.
The other alternative that medical students as well as professionals have is online medical education. Besides, technical articles authored by known names in the field of medicine, bogs and news on recent developments in the various specialties, all accompanied by elaborate illustrative and visual content, one also has access to full texts in the form of online medical books.
Medical books that are available online usually cost a lot less than the market retail price of the same volume. What is more, the valued buyer also get to save on transportation as these are made available online itself as once the payment is made all the student or the medical professional needs to do is take out hard copies of the book that he or she is buying online.
Besides buying medical books online, most medical web portals encourage those
interested to write bogs, and generally express their views on different topics in other forms.
They can also get into a discussion with senior medical personnel by entering into an online chat sessions with them.